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Solid Client Libraries

Create enterprise-grade Solid applications with our Solid Client Libraries.

Enhanced Developer Productivity
Enhanced developer productivity

Developers of all levels of experience and backgrounds can produce powerful and innovative applications in a fraction of the time.

Enhanced Developer Productivity
Specification compliant

The Inrupt Solid Client Libraries are compatible with all Solid spec compliant servers.

Enhanced Developer Productivity
Open source

The Inrupt Solid Client Libraries are open source and free to use.

Enhanced Developer Productivity
Built for reliability and performance

The Inrupt Solid Client Libraries are production-ready and receive regular updates.

Get started with our Javascript Libraries

Solid React SDK

Quickly bootstrap your Solid applications with the Inrupt React SDK.

Solid Application Bootstrapping
Solid application bootstrapping

The Inrupt React SDK enables developers to easily bootstrap Solid applications leveraging React components and tools. The SDK includes an app generator, composable UI components, and React hooks that facilitate common design patterns.

Enhanced Developer Productivity
Enhanced developer productivity

The Inrupt React SDK is aimed at developers who are familiar with React, but new to Solid. Built using Inrupt’s best practices and coding standards, it smooths implementation details, allowing web developers to focus on business logic and the value provided by their apps, opting-in to complexity as needed.

Community support

For open source products, please file an issue on the project's respective GitHub repo for feedback, bug reports, and feature requests. For private feedback or support inquiries please use Inrupt’s product feedback service desk

Commercial support

Please email to inquire about our commercial support offerings with production SLAs.

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