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John Bruce and Tim Berners-Lee | 

Wall Street Journal Future of Everything Festival, May 27, 2020: "The Future of Connectivity"


Bruce Schneier | 

Black Hat, April 16, 2020: "Hacking in the Public Interest" Webcast

Yale's The Politic, April 1, 2020: "An Interview with Bruce Schneier, Renowned Security Technologist"

RSA Conference, February 24-28, 2020, San Francisco: "Hacking Society"


Davi Ottenheimer

All Tech is Human, May 29, 2020: "Data Ethics and How to Save the Web"

CISO Series, April 24, 2020: "Hacking the Modern Workforce: An hour of critical thinking about managing access in a dynamic workplace"

RSA Conference, February 24-28, 2020, San Francisco: "The Internet Is Broken: We Need a Solution for Our Data"



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