What We’ve Been Working On

Inrupt’s dedicated team of developers, designers and business people have been working with a core of Solid experts and members of the open-source community to ensure it’s becoming robust, feature-rich and increasingly ready for wide-scale adoption.

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Life on Solid

Your life is not segmented so why are your apps? Create your POD, link it to other trusted PODS and use apps that will enrich your every day.

Meet Thomas. He’s a busy 30-something guy, balancing a hectic family & work life. He has some health and allergy issues, which means he needs to exercise often and watch what he eats. When he travels for work and collaborates with international teams, it gets super complicated.

Today, Thomas tackles his work tasks, scheduling, health and lifestyle challenges using a bunch of different apps. It’s complicated, inconvenient and there’s lots of data living in lots of different places.

What Thomas really needs is one fluid, useful and controllable experience that lets him streamline his daily personal and professional productivity, and make managing his health a priority. With his Solid app, it’s possible.


Take a Look under the Hood

This shows you what your Solid data browser will look like.

All your “things” are in one place. You can easily link and share data with anyone you chose and drag and drop elements between apps. Collaborate with others by looking at the same data within different apps at the same time.

For example, imagine you’re in a chat with your team and an action item gets assigned to you. Instantaneously, that action item appears in your to-do app.