A mid-course correction for the web

Solid is a technology for organizing data, applications, and identities on the web. Solid enables richer choices for people, organizations, and app developers by building on existing web standards.

Openness = creativity and adoption

Solid’s power is derived from the fact that it is based on open specifications, just like the web. Open specifications mean interoperability across a broad ecosystem. Explore the Solid open source community

Inrupt’s technology aims to help the world leverage the power of Solid, which is why open source software is at the core of our company. Our tools help others build; and their efforts make the Solid ecosystem stronger. Build the future with Inrupt's open source software


How it works

Solid diagram

Pods are the foundation of the Solid technology and ecosystem. Solid Pods give individuals a place to store rich personal data from multiple sources and the ability to control permissions on that data.

The data on all Solid Pods is organized in a common, machine-readable format called Linked Data. This means any Solid app can read and write data to any Solid Pod, decoupling applications from backends.

The combination of interoperable data with sophisticated access controls gives individuals unprecedented power and flexibility when choosing how to share or use their data.

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A monthly webinar where Solid community members showcase their latest work. Held the first Thursday of every month at 1600 CET.

Try Solid apps

The open source community has created a number of experimental applications that allow early Solid adopters to chat, play games, manage their Pods and more.