SDK Release Updates

Solid React SDK

Solid React SDK v0.1.0

The first code release of the Solid React SDK, v0.1.0, is now available and ready for use.

This release introduces the foundational elements needed to build robust Solid applications on React. It includes Reusable Components that you can use on their own in the applications that you build, as well as an Application Generator that incorporates all of the components and best practices together for you in a fully functional Solid React application base.

User Authentication, User Registration, Test Infrastructure, Error Handling, Accessibility, and an integrated Design System round out the features incorporated into this first version.

New releases will be coming every few weeks, and will continue to build upon this foundation with valuable new features and capabilities, as outlined in the project’s Release Timeline.

For more background on the Solid React SDK, see this introductory blog post.

Solid React SDK v0.2.0

We’re happy to report that the second planned code release of the Solid React SDK is now available.

This release builds on v0.1.0, which introduced the foundation elements needed to build a React application. You can now write Linked Data via LDFlex, which we’ve leveraged to create a new User Profile editor. We’ve also created a reusable file uploader component, which we incorporated into the User Profile for image uploading. Lastly, we’ve incorporated some fixes and adjustments based on your feedback.

Checkout the Release Timeline to see what’s coming up next, and take a look at the changelogs for our React Components and Application Generator, respectively.