Inrupt React SDK v2 Coming Soon

Quickly bootstrap your React applications with the Inrupt React SDK!

Simple Application Bootstrapping

The Inrupt React SDK v2 builds on top of Inrupt’s JavaScript Solid Client Libraries, enabling developers to easily bootstrap React applications that leverage Solid. To get up and running quickly, the SDK includes an app generator that requires no configuration. Additionally, the SDK includes composable UI components and React hooks that follow best practices for login, session management, data presentation and more. 

Enhanced Developer Productivity

The Inrupt React SDK v2 is a new and improved version of the React SDK, aimed at developers who are familiar with React, but new to Solid. It allows web developers to leverage their experience and focus on business logic and the value provided by their apps, rather than on the internals of feeding data through to the frontend.

The Inrupt React SDK v2 will be available for beta testers in the upcoming weeks. If you are interested in beta testing, email us at



Community Support

For open source products, please file an issue on the project's respective GitHub repo for feedback, bug reports, and feature requests. For private feedback or support inquiries please use Inrupt’s product feedback service desk

Commercial Support 

Please email to inquire about our commercial support offerings with production SLA’s.