Inrupt PodBrowser Beta

An easy way to explore and manage data on your Pod, as well as the people and entities that have access to it. Get started now!

The Inrupt PodBrowser is an open source application for administration and management of individual Pods. Easily navigate the contents of your Pod visually. Manage access controls on your data. Share data with friends, family, commercial entities, or associates. Supported on all major browsers.

The Inrupt PodBrowser empowers everyday people to take control over their data.

Navigate and explore your data

Visualize and manage your data through an intuitive UI

Screenshot of data visualization interface in PodBrowser

Manage access controls 

Control the data that different users, entities, and applications have access to on you Pod

Screenshot of access control management interface in PodBrowser

Manage contacts and affiliates  

Keep track of who and what has access to your data. Be able to grant, revoke, or change access to your data with the click of a button.

Screenshot of the Manage Contacts interface in PodBrowser


Community Support

For open source products, please file an issue on the project's respective GitHub repo for feedback, bug reports, and feature requests. For private feedback or support inquiries please use Inrupt’s product feedback service desk

Commercial Support 

Please email to inquire about our commercial support offerings with production SLA’s.

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