John Bruce

Co-founder and CEO

Prior to partnering with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, he was the co-founder and CEO of Resilient, a company that developed a new approach to cybersecurity before being acquired by IBM. Before inrupt, John led four start-ups, three of which resulted in global acquisitions. John will apply his decades of strategic business leadership and experience with leading software and service companies to launch inrupt and the next phase of the web.


Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Co-founder and CTO

Named one of Time Magazine’s ‘100 Most Important People of the 20th Century,’ Tim invented the web while at CERN in 1989. He is the Founder and Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the international standards forum for technical development of the Web, and the Web Foundation whose mission is that the World Wide Web serves Humanity. He co-founded and is President of the Open Data Institute in London. Tim is a Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the Computer Science and AI Lab ("CSAIL”) where his research group works to re-decentralize the web. In April 2017, Sir Tim was awarded the Turing Prize which is considered the "Nobel Prize of Computing”. Tim is a long time defender of Net Neutrality and the openness of the web.


Ruben Verborgh

Technology Advocate at Ghent University 

Ruben focuses on shaping the Solid ecosystem and its developer experience. He has helped develop Solid’s architecture and features, and handled software maintenance. Ruben is a professor of Semantic Web technology at Ghent University – imec.

“We will have a better web when apps compete to provide people with the best experience, instead of competing to own people's data.”


Justin Bingham

CTO of Janeiro Digital

Justin is working to cultivate the Solid ecosystem as well as building technologies upon it that move the needle. He has been closely involved in Solid’s strategy, architecture, developer experience, and end user experience.

“I want to seed the world with technology that works on behalf of the people or organizations that use it.”


Kjetil Kjernsmo

Senior Developer

Kjetil is a senior developer for inrupt and has worked on Solid’s server-side architecture and implementation. Kjetil has a Ph.D. in  Informatics from the University of Oslo in Norway. He has 20 years of experience with social and semantic web technology.

“I want to empower everyone, not just to publish, but to develop our common future.”


Mitzi László

Communications Manager

Mitzi graduated in neuroscience from Kings College London before working for a Brazilian epidemiology study funded by the Wellcome Trust specialising in decision making. Her frustration at not being able to access data for public health research is what led her to work on data ethics and security. She has worked as an independent advisor from the European Commission and is a regular public speaker at venues such as the Berkman Klein Centre and the Ada Lovelace Festival as well as featuring on BBC Tomorrow's World. 

"Whoever controls data, controls the future. I believe that your data should work for you." 


Arne Hassel

Senior JavaScript Developer

Arne is a senior developer at inrupt. Previously he's worked on mostly front-end projects for public and private companies, both in-house and as a consultant. He has a master’s degree in computer science, writing his thesis on semantic web, JavaScript, and design patterns.

"To enable the full potential of the web we need to create a more democratic web, where everybody can participate safely and shape their online presence."


Kelly O'Brien

Chief of Staff

Kelly works closely with Inrupt’s executive team to plan and manage operations in areas like hiring, communication, strategy, business development, and partnerships. He spent the first decade of his career as a journalist covering technology, business and digital rights.

“The web’s current form is the result of human decisions, and we can decide to build a better version together."


Samantha McGarry

SVP of InkHouse

Samantha co-leads inrupt’s marketing, PR and design teams at InkHouse, helping to shape, visualize and share inrupt’s story.


Tiffany Darmetko

VP of InkHouse

Tiffany co-leads inrupt’s marketing, PR and design teams at InkHouse, helping to shape, visualize and share inrupt’s story.

Michiel de Jong

Michiel de Jong

Senior Developer

In the years before joining Inrupt, Michiel led the Unhosted Web Apps initiative, worked on data sync for Firefox OS at Mozilla, and co-developed the Interledger protocol at Ripple. With a passion for Web Technology, he works on Solid's core apps, tools, and spec documentation, as well as on server-side software development.

"If we could just weave all our personal data together to form a decentralized data web, that may just be our best defense against the imminent powers of big corporate AI.


Vincent Tunru

Frontend Developer

Vincent is a front-end engineer trying to make sure software has a positive impact. Before inrupt he worked on finding out how technology can help ensuring open access to academic research.

"The web has had tremendous impact on the world, but not always to everyone's benefit. Let's try to fix that."


Jackson Morgan


Jackson is a full stack engineer focusing on applications, server-development, and security. In the past, he served as chief architect for Gauge Insights and has worked at Yahoo, IBM, and Area 1 Security.

"Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the internet. But this... does put a smile on my face."


Pat McBennett

Senior Technical Architect

Pat has over 30 years of hands-on development experience in multiple startups and major corporations. Most recently coming from Mastercard (where he deployed Solid into Production, and developed a Solid-based Digital ID prototype for multiple global NGO’s (that came 2nd in the World Bank’s inaugural ID4D competition); Dun and Bradstreet (where he developed D&B’s first Linked Data and triplestore based solutions); and Bank of America.

Doing what I can to ensure my young kids (and everyone else) have genuine choice throughout their digital lives.”


Aaron Coburn

Enterprise Developer

Aaron is an engineer at inrupt, where he focuses on enterprise server development. In addition to bringing significant experience building linked data applications, he has been an active contributor to open source software projects related to semantic web, cloud orchestration, and data integration.

"With Solid we have an opportunity to reshape how users interact with decentralized data from across the Web."


Jarlath Holleran

Enterprise Developer

With more than 10 years’ commercial experience, Jarlath has developed production-grade software in a wide range of industries, such as the telecommunications, financial services, and payments domains. During that time he has developed front-end web applications and back-end web APIs using linked data principles. He will be working on Solid's server-side development, and developer experience tools.

"Your personal data should be controlled by you, not by your applications"


Sarven Capadisli

Technical Architect

Sarven contributes to the advancement of open Web platform specifications and the development of social decentralised applications. He is active as an information architect and scientist in linked research communication.

“Control yourself!”


Paul Worrall

Strategic Business Operations Director EMEA

Paul has 25+ years experience architecting and building technical solutions for complex business domains such investment banking, mobile messaging, identity and digital assets. He has led global technology teams both insourced and outsourced, and founded a number of startups ranging from hosted asset management services to enterprise software source code management. Paul built the Semantic and Linked Data development team at JPMorgan Chase and founded the Identity and Entitlement proofing smart contract platform Zonafide before taking his dream job at Inrupt.


Davi Ottenheimer

VP of Trust and Digital Ethics

Davi in the last two years led development of client-side field-level encryption in a non-relational database. He brings 25+ years’ experience as a head of security and trust managing global security engineering, operations and assessments, and over a decade of leading incident response and digital forensics. Davi has helped serve customer data protection needs across many industries including data storage and management, software, investment, banking, international retail, as well as higher education, healthcare and aerospace.

"It is exciting to be on the forefront of adapting and applying security models to preserve human rights and freedoms, helping to ensure a brighter future on a trusted and respected web."


Nicolas Seydoux


Nicolas is a developer at Inrupt. He joined the company after his PhD on the Semantic Web of Things, mixing semantic web and IoT. In this domain, he contributed to FOSS software and to an industrial standard ackowledging the importance of semantic interoperability. He also worked on decentralized reasoning and open data platforms.

"People need not only to obtain things, they need above all the freedom to make things among which they can live, to give shape to them according to their own tastes, and to put them to use in caring for and about others." Ivan Illich

…Plus a broad and global team of talented developers and thinkers from the Solid community