I’ve seen similar initiatives, does inrupt view these as competitors?

It’s great to have company in a blossoming market and see similar initiatives as strengthening the ecosystem.

Is inrupt competing with the tech giants?

Inrupters are more interested in building than destroying. Inrupt is excited to try something entirely different with a primary focus on delivering valuable customer experiences.

How will inrupt convince people to switch to a new Web?

Inrupt has been flooded with positive responses and uptake by users. Solid is not for everyone, but that is ok, all we intend to do is provide choice.

Is inrupt GDPR compliant?

Today, inrupt is not GDPR compliant due to restrictions on our resources. However, at inrupt, we welcome GDPR, it is the DNA of the inrupt mission and values to provide full transparency and allow the user to have ultimate control of their personal data. You can read the full details of our transparency in our terms of service and on our website.

Where are inrupt Pods hosted?

www.inrupt.net is facilitated by inrupt.inc and you can read the inrupt Terms of Service for complete details of inrupt services.

What is the relationship between Solid and inrupt?

Inrupt supports Solid as a member of the Solid community. 

Can people working at inrupt see my personal data?

Today, inrupters have access to the data on your Pod. Inrupt is working on encryption that would change that so that inrupters do not have access to the data on your Pod and in the meantime deliberately does not access your Pod data. When you create a Pod with inrupt via www.inrupt.net, inrupt collects and stores your email and your name as well as your password in hashed form meaning that it is very difficult for internal developers or hackers, in the case there is a system breach, to access your data. This data will only be used to reset your password upon your request, or to contact you in case of crucial service announcements. The hashed password is saved so that your identity can be verified when logging in to your Pod.

Can I leave inrupt?

Yes. If you want to stop using inrupt you can easily do this by deleting your WebID, Pod, and data on the Pod with a click of a button here.

Does the legal entity behind inrupt control my data?

When you decide to set up your WebID and Pod at www.inrupt.net, technically inrupt can access and control your data, but as our terms of service state we have no intention to access it and in the future look to include the option of encryption. Inrupt is dedicated to facilitating convenient data control according to your wishes.

Is inrupt focused on a specific national market?

Inrupt provides online services and is therefore available globally.

Is inrupt for profit or non-profit?

Inrupt is a for profit with purpose company.

What’s inrupts business model?

The details of the inrupt business model are still taking shape.

How is inrupt funded?

Glasswing Ventures has funded inrupt work to date.

What is the ownership distribution of inrupt the company?

Inrupt ownership distribution is confidential.

Does inrupt have plans to IPO?

Possibly in the future.

Could inrupt become another tech giant monopoly?

Inrupt is focused on supporting the open source initiative Solid with which multiple companies could interact and contribute to promote market choice. Inrupts intention is to inspire a world of decentralisation where individuals control their own data.